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NFC Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

NFC anti-counterfeiting technology

Apply NFC anti-counterfeiting technology to make products even more powerful

After the arrival of the second decade of the 21st century, counterfeit and inferior products are still rampant due to the huge market benefits of globalization. For their own benefit and increase sales, counterfeiters and some distributors often resort to cross-regional sales by unscrupulous means, resulting in counterfeiting and pirating goods from time to time, severely disrupting the normal operating order of the market, and destroying the marketing system of the company’s intentions. At the same time, consumers have lost their trust in product safety. At the same time, companies lose their effective management of the market, leading to price confusion, difficulty in settlement of payments, and forced transfer of profits, seriously jeopardizing the reputation of the brand.


With the rapid development of science and technology, anti-counterfeiting technology is becoming more and more advanced. For traditional anti-counterfeiting technology, there are many detection steps, which are greatly influenced by the outside world, and the detection efficiency is low. In the wave of the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, in order to prevent dealers from fleeing goods, suppress the proliferation of counterfeit products, understand the real-time dynamics of products, and facilitate market promotion, NFC anti-counterfeiting technology stands out and assigns a unique identification code to each existing product. The goals are as follows:

Build a product coding system

The uniqueness of code assignment, the production line realizes the correlation between "product-packing box-box", precise information capture, and precise code assignment system.

Rich consumer applications

The terminal market uses the mobile phone's NFC function for reading and identification, realizing product tracking and authenticity identification. The rich product information is clear at a glance, giving consumers the most intuitive display of authentic products.

Achieve efficient channel management

Efficient channel management realizes accurate and real-time data capture of "warehouse-dealer-retailer".

Accurate flow tracking

Real-time product tracking and data synchronization ensure product safety while adapting to the trend of the big data era.

Integration of various systems

Compatible with major mainstream systems, with strong openness and scalability.

The principle of NFC anti-counterfeiting technology

NFC anti-counterfeiting label is an electronic anti-counterfeiting label, which is mainly used to identify the authenticity of products, protect enterprises' own brand products, prevent counterfeit and inferior products from circulating in the market, and protect consumers' consumer rights.

For example: NFC Moutai anti-counterfeiting label is a kind of electronic anti-counterfeiting label. The electronic anti-counterfeiting label is attached to the product packaging. Consumers turn on the NFC function on the mobile phone to identify the electronic anti-counterfeiting label, verify the authenticity information, and read product-related information. Such as: manufacturer information, production date, place of production, specifications, etc. Decrypt the label data and determine the authenticity of the product.

1. NFC anti-counterfeiting label-compact body with powerful functions

NFC anti-counterfeiting chip uses near-field communication technology to enter product information into a small chip, and integrates the anti-counterfeit label with the product through technical means such as implantation, affixation, synthesis, etc., when it is close to the reading/entry device , Update the circulation/verification information of the commodity, and the high cost of imitation of the chip, the high technical difficulty and the difficulty of copying the real information of the commodity, have become the most advantageous feature of the NFC chip as an anti-counterfeiting label.

Near Field Communication (Near Field Communication) is an emerging communication technology. Devices using NFC technology (such as mobile phones) can exchange data when they are close to each other. It is composed of non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection. The integration and evolution of intercommunication technology, through the integration of inductive card readers, inductive cards and point-to-point communication functions on a single chip, the use of mobile terminals to achieve mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identification, anti-counterfeiting and other applications. Although the communication distance is only about 10CM, like the non-contact IC card technology, data can be exchanged between different electronic products by "just a touch."

2. Anti-counterfeiting verification, fake goods have nowhere to hide

The basic idea of ​​product anti-counterfeiting is to give this product a unique logo and only associate it with a specific platform. If the unique identification is not found on the associated platform, then the item is deemed to be a counterfeit product.

A unique logo

Only associated with specific platforms

Logo and platform information comparison

Results do not match: identified as counterfeit products

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