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RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

RFID Airport Baggage Automatic Sorting System

July 25,2023

Technology has changed the way the world works. With the rapid development of domestic economy and science and technology, the domestic civil aviation industry has achieved unprecedented development in recent years. Every year, the number of civil aviation transportation personnel continues to increase, and the luggage throughput of major airports has also reached a new height. The handling of airport luggage is a complex and massive task. In order to improve the efficiency of luggage sorting, major airports have built luggage sorting systems, greatly improving the handling efficiency of luggage.

The system adopts wireless radio frequency technology to write information such as waybill number, flight number, flight date, number of pieces, weight, etc. into the electronic tag chip through an RFID printer when receiving goods. When goods pass through the installation of collection equipment in the cargo yard, baggage information is automatically read. The collection equipment includes a collection station after the security inspection channel, a collection terminal at the entrance and exit of the cargo yard, a collection terminal for goods on board, a collection terminal for goods off board, a sorting terminal for goods arriving, and a mobile terminal for goods signing and collection.

Realize automatic data collection and node tracing for the entire process of goods from receiving, inbound and outbound, loading and unloading, sorting, and signing for receipt. The system and hardware design fully consider the work habits of each link, without increasing the workload of workers, and fully consider the habits of human-computer interaction. Using technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, intelligent verification of data in various stages is carried out, and problems such as incorrect cargo status, packet loss, and loading errors are intelligently prompted to operators at each node to prevent packet loss risks in advance. 

The automatic baggage sorting system is a set of automated systems for large and medium-sized airports to carry out centralized and unified transmission, sorting and processing of passenger baggage. It is applicable to airports with an annual throughput of more than 2 million passengers, especially Airline hub with an annual throughput of more than 5 million passengers. Traditional baggage sorting systems use barcodes, QR codes, and other methods for identification. Barcodes and QR code scanning machines are installed in the sorting channel, and luggage can be automatically sorted after passing through the channel. However, due to the vulnerability of barcodes and QR codes to damage, incomplete barcodes and QR codes can affect recognition speed and even cause incorrect recognition.

System advantages

1. Scan Fast

The barcode scanning is one-to-one correspondence, and the UHF RFID reader can simultaneously recognize and read multiple RFID electronic labels.

2. Small size and diverse forms

The reading of RFID technology is not limited by size and shape, and there is no need to match the fixed size and printing quality of the paper for reading accuracy.

3. Strong pollution resistance and durability

The traditional barcode carrier is paper, which is prone to contamination, while RFID tags store data in the chip, so it can be free from contamination.

4. Reusability

Most barcodes cannot be changed after printing, while RFID tags can repeatedly add, modify, and delete data stored in RFID labels, facilitating information updates.

5. Penetration and barrier free reading

When covered, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood, and plastic, and can conduct penetrating communication. And barcode scanners must be at close range and without object obstruction in order to recognize barcodes.

6. Security

Due to the electronic information carried by RFID, its data content can be password protected, making it less susceptible to forgery and alteration.

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