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Introduction to the price and performance of laser scanning guns

Introduction to the price and performance of laser scanning guns

Jun 10,2023
Scanning guns are widely used in our daily lives, and they are used in many places, especially with the increasing popularity and usage of barcodes. The laser scanning gun can be used from barcode recognition in supermarkets to express warehousing, and it is highly efficient and convenient to use, which can improve work efficiency. The following is the information about the laser scanning gun introduced by Yanzeo Smart Technology Co. ,Ltd.
1. Price of laser scanning gun
The price of laser scanning guns is closely related to the brand/model, and different brand models have different prices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.

2. Working principle of laser scanning gun
Our common scanners generally consist of scanning modules, optical lenses, light sources, analog-to-digital conversion circuits, and plastic shells. It uses optoelectronic components to convert the detected optical signal into an electrical signal, which is then converted into a digital signal through an analog-to-digital converter and transmitted to a computer for processing. When scanning an image, the light source illuminates the image, and the reflected light converges to the scanning module through the lens. The scanning module converts the optical signal into an analog digital signal (i.e. voltage, which is related to the intensity of the received light) and indicates how dark the pixel is. At this point, the analog-to-digital conversion circuit converts the analog voltage into a digital signal and transmits it to the computer.

The above introduction about the working principle of the laser scanning gun and the price of the scanning gun on the market. The price of the scanner also depends on the type of scanner, but the working principle of the same type of scanner is the same. If you are afraid of any related scanning needs, you can contact Yanzeo.


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