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RFID Antennas in warehouse automation

RFID Antennas in warehouse automation

May 8,2023
RFID antennas, the key to warehouse automation

RFID antennas are used to easily identify products, materials, medicines and other goods in warehouses, distributors or production lines. RFID antennas are the necessary intermediary for RFID readers to transmit the radio frequency signal and receive the information returned by RFID labels or tags effectively. Subsequently, this information will be transmitted to your ERP or Warehouse Management System.

Automating your warehouse with RFID solutions will allow you to increase the productivity of your warehouse and, above all, minimise identification errors. When choosing the best RFID Antenna for your working environment, you should consider the size and layout of the space, as well as the number of products to be read at the same time.

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  • RFID knowledge Customers often Ask ( RFID reader writer Section)
    RFID knowledge Customers often Ask ( RFID reader writer Section)May 20,2024
    The RFID reader (reader writer) communicates wirelessly with RFID electronic tags through an antenna, enabling the reading or writing of tag identification codes and memory data. A typical reader includes a high-frequency module (transmitter and receiver), a control unit, and a reader antenna.
  • Much Safer Anti Removable RFID Electronic Tag
    Much Safer Anti Removable RFID Electronic TagMay 9,2024
    The anti removable ceramic RFID electronic tag uses a composite ceramic substrate inside, which is resistant to high temperature and has stable performance. Ceramic labels are inherently fragile, making them highly suitable for applications that prevent disassembly and tearing. The combination of anti disassembly ceramic labels with automotive glass can achieve excellent readability performance.
  • RFID tags can greatly improve breeding efficiency
    RFID tags can greatly improve breeding efficiencyApr 17,2024
    With the increasing popularity of RFID technology in animal husbandry management, labeling livestock with RFID tags can achieve automatic collection and management of animal husbandry information during the breeding process, making the breeding process more scientific and transparent, greatly improving the efficiency of animal husbandry work.
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