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Rfid animal reader basic knowledge

Rfid animal reader basic knowledge

Apr 20,2023

An animal RFID reader is a device used for tracking and identifying animals. It uses specialized RFID technologies such as ear tags, ankle bands, glass tags, or boluses to identify and track farm animals. There are various types of animal RFID readers available on online marketplaces such as www.yanzeo.com , including pet chip readers and universal RFID readers that support different tag formats. Some RFID readers have their own storage function and can store up to 128 pieces of tag information. Animal RFID readers are also available for purchase from specialized RFID technology providers.

What is the range of an animal RFID reader?

The range of an animal RFID reader varies depending on the type of reader and the frequency it operates on. A long-range RFID reader for animal tracking can read tags from a distance of up to 130 mm. Another animal RFID reader has a reading distance of about 40 cm when reading animal tags. The range of an RFID reader can also depend on the type of animal being tracked, with some readers being suitable for most animals such as cows, cattle, and sheep. The range of an animal RFID reader can also be affected by the environment in which it is being used, such as interference from other electronic devices or physical barriers between the reader and the tag being read.

What types of animals can be tracked with RFID readers?

RFID readers can be used to track various types of animals, including livestock, pets, wildlife, and research animals. RFID ear tags are commonly used for identifying and tracking livestock animals such as cows, bison, pigs, and goats. RFID technology is also used to track wild animals such as the white-lipped peccary, a type of wild pig native to the Amazon. Veterinarians are pushing for all household animals to be tracked using RFID to create a system to identify lost and found pets3. RFID technology has emerged as a useful biologging tool for monitoring animal activities at specific locations, such as feeding stations, nests, and burrows.

How to choose the right RFID animal tag reader?

Choosing the right RFID animal tag reader can be tricky, but it is important to ensure compatibility between the reader and the tag. Low-frequency RFID readers are commonly used for animal identification, and they typically have a detection range of 10 cm. Some RFID readers are designed specifically for livestock management practices and can store scanned tags, transmit real-time data, and be compatible with mobile devices. Handheld EID/RFID ear tag readers are also available for use with electronic animal ID tags. Yanzeo Smart Co.Ltd provides a full range of specialized RFID technologies for managing farm animals, including ear tags and ankle bands in low frequency or UHF, and glass tags or boluses4. It is recommended to consult with livestock ID experts to find the perfect layout or tag for your animals. 


If you have any questions about rfid tag reader ,please feel free to contact Yanzeo.

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