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RFID Access Control Applications Best Reflect the Practicality of the Internet of Things

RFID Access Control Applications Best Reflect the Practicality of the Internet of Things

Mar 30,2023


With the rapid development of technology, security technology is also constantly upgrading, and access control systems are used in many surrounding scenarios. The application of RFID technology in access control systems not only promotes technological innovation in access control systems, but also promotes the open development of access control systems. RFID electronic tag cards are inexpensive, convenient to use, and highly secure. They can be well managed using a database. They have a high cost performance ratio and have a good promotion prospect.


In recent years, with the development of sensor card technology and biometric identification technology, access control systems have begun to enter a mature period, with the emergence of various technology systems such as sensor card access control systems, fingerprint access control systems, iris access control systems, facial recognition access control systems, and they have their own advantages in security, convenience, and other aspects. These technologies are also increasingly widely used in the field of access control systems. The access control system based on RFID technology is relatively common.


The rapid development of RFID technology, the diversification of RFID products in various frequency bands, and the recognition of wireless RFID technology by many domestic RFID manufacturers have continuously reduced costs, driving various RFID products to gradually enter our daily lives. Different RFID products can be used in different situations. For example, RFID is the most suitable choice for personnel identification projects, such as remote access control, remote attendance, and other projects that require the card to be placed on the body. It can achieve multi target recognition, moving target recognition, and remote real-time monitoring and management. The communication distance can range from a few centimeters to tens of meters. Its main advantage is that it has strong environmental adaptability and is less affected by rain, snow, hail, dust, etc. It can work around the clock, complete automatic identification, tracking, and management non-contact, and can penetrate non-metallic objects for identification, with strong anti-interference ability.


The remote access control system, in short, is that only people with legal cards can freely enter and exit the access control system. The card can be carried around, and can be automatically recognized without having to pull out the card. This avoids the trouble of pressing the password or swiping the phone with both hands, while illegal personnel cannot open the door to enter. To truly completely liberate both hands and truly quickly identify fast access.


RFID access control systems have long surpassed traditional doorways and key management functions. The safety requirements of modern work environments, departmental administrative work, daily attendance management, and company food and beverage consumption are all closely related to the access control system. Departments such as apartments, residential areas, factory patrols, company research and development technology departments, medical units' undisturbed areas, and finance are all the best places to apply RFID access control systems. Installing RFID access control systems in public entrances and exits such as office spaces and residential apartments can effectively prevent unauthorized unauthorized personnel from entering and maximize the security of these places.


RFID open access control system not only has all the functional characteristics of traditional ordinary access control systems, but also has the characteristics of open multi person rapid passage, and simultaneously recording the personal information of each visitor. When a person wearing a radio frequency ID card passes through the gate, the information in the ID card is automatically collected by the system without manual intervention, making access control management more convenient. Electronic label cards have a long service life, which can be repeatedly read and written over 100000 times, with a service life of over ten years.


Automation, informatization, and intelligence have become the needs of the development of the times. Infinite technology and computer technology are also continuously developing in depth, and the Internet of Things industry is increasingly widely used. The access control system of RFID technology is a good embodiment of the practicality of the Internet of Things. RFID access control system has high security and reliability, and is convenient and fast to use.

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