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Animal Rfid Microchip reduce the stray animals

Animal Rfid Microchip reduce the stray animals

Mar 21,2023

What is a pet microchip?

A pet microchip is similar to a person's ID card, and uses a technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): it can include birth date, epidemic prevention status, name photo, owner photo, home address, contact information, and so on. This can timely know who the lost pet belongs to, whether it was intentionally discarded or accidentally lost, which can effectively reduce the number of people who start keeping pets without thinking about it, There are also irresponsible people who don't want to raise and discard them, and even can reduce the incidence of cat abuse. Of course, if credit investigation or corresponding legal sanctions can be included on this basis, it would be costly. The ideal result of implementing this approach is a significant reduction in stray animals, and in human society, people and pets are more harmonious.

In addition, microchips can also be linked to pet medical care, just like a human medical card. With the chip in place, it is more convenient to seek medical treatment, which is beneficial to both pet hospitals and owners. If we can cooperate with pet hospitals, we can promote the implantation of pet chips more quickly.


About the Pet microhip Case :

Currently, many European and American countries have become very popular:

① UK, Israel, New Zealand: mandatory requirement for dogs to be implanted with chips;

② Australia: Cats and dogs must be implanted with microchips before they are 12 weeks old;

③ United States: Although not required by law, they generally implant chips into their cats and dogs;

④ Japan and the European Union: stipulate that pets must be implanted with chips when entering the country;

⑤ China: The customs department also stipulates that bringing pets into China must have a chip or other valid identification.

What about the Security of Pet microchip ?

The safety is very high, and generally does not produce side effects, just like an injection. "The chip is very small, only the size of a grain of rice, and the materials used are also biologically compatible, usually injected subcutaneously.". Installing a cardiac pacemaker in the human body is no problem, not to mention a chip that is hundreds of times smaller than a cardiac pacemaker, and does not participate in the basic life activities of pets. Working in the body for 15-20 years is not a problem.


Yanzeo has invested in scientific research projects in the field of automatic identification since 2017. Through product development and the application of innovative technologies, it provides customized service to meet the different needs of customers. SR series of barcode scanners and RFID have successively passed the FCC certification of the United States, the CE certification of the European Union and the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. It is widely used in government agencies, public security, public utilities and logistics supermarkets,property security, etc. It is designated as the exclusive barcode scanner supplier by DHL, JD and other domestic and foreign companies.

If you have any question on RFID microchip , please feel free to contact us.

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