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Guangdong Province has introduced new regulations for the management of electric bicycles, which may promote the widespread use of RFID prohibition systems!

Guangdong Province has introduced new regulations for the management of electric bicycles, which may promote the widespread use of RFID prohibition systems!

March 14,2023

In recent years, my country's electric bicycle industry has developed rapidly. The number of electric bicycles has exceeded 300 million, and Guangdong alone has exceeded 20 million. The output is still growing rapidly, and the risk of fire has increased sharply. The maintenance, modification, parking and use of electric bicycles, as well as the management of lithium battery charging, scrapping and recycling, are not standardized. There are problems such as illegal modification, home charging, overuse and battery aging, which breed a lot of potential safety hazards. In particular, due to the shortage of outdoor charging piles and the uneven charging prices, the problem of in-home charging is more common.


According to statistics, 80% of electric vehicle fires occurred during the charging period, and 66.7% of electric vehicle fires occurred between 20:00 and 5:00 the next day. The potential safety hazards are self-evident, and this has also become a "stubborn disease" in the field of safety production. ". In order to solve this problem, while increasing publicity efforts in many parts of the country, they actively demanded strength and manpower from technology. Following the simple sprinkler and smoke detector systems, RFID has been launched to improve the ability of early warning and disposal in response to the frequent occurrence of electric bicycle fire accidents. The radio frequency identification prohibition system and the establishment of new measures for the establishment of safe electric bicycle charging fields have become important methods for some cities to use scientific and technological means to prevent and control electric bicycle battery fires.

How does the RFID radio frequency identification prohibition system prevent the electric bicycle battery from entering the living area?

Take Shenzhen as an example. RFID identification devices are installed at the door openings of self-built houses in urban villages and at the entrances and exits of residential building lobbies. At the same time, information such as the phone number of electric bicycle users is registered, and identification tags for electric bicycle batteries are connected and installed. Once the electric bicycle with the identification tag enters the identification area of ​​the RFID identification device, the identification device will actively alarm, and at the same time transmit the alarm information to the background monitoring center through wireless transmission, and the staff of the background monitoring center will contact the site owner, The landlord and the comprehensive supervisor should inform them of the specific owner of the household who brought electric bicycles into the doorway. Landlords and comprehensive managers promptly stopped electric bicycles from entering households through live video and door-to-door inspections.


The safe charging and parking place for electric bicycles is a collection of charging systems, security systems, fire protection systems, and management systems. The smart construction project launched. It combines electronic fences to achieve RFID precise parking, and achieves precise vertical parking by cooperating with the delineation of riding areas, designated parking sites, and restricted prohibited areas, so that vehicles can be managed and controlled. And it can also be charged while parked, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

The construction of an electric bicycle RFID radio frequency identification prohibition system is conducive to strengthening the unified and effective background management of electric bicycles. Through the electric bicycle RFID radio frequency identification prohibition system technology, functional departments, community grids, landlords or properties, electric bicycle users, The owners and others are closely combined to track the electric bicycles in the background, prevent the electric bicycle batteries from being charged at home, and avoid the occurrence of fire accidents caused by the charging of electric bicycles. At the same time, it can play an important role in preventing electric bicycle fires and truly keep electric bicycle batteries out of the door.

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