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RFID automatic identification technology applicable scene

RFID automatic identification technology applicable scene

Feb 11,2023
RFID is a non-contact data collection automatic identification technology, it automatically identifies the target object and obtains data information through RF signal, the identification process does not require human intervention, can work in various harsh environments, compared to barcode identification technology, it has the advantages of large storage capacity of code, fast reading speed, reading multiple tags at the same time, etc. It is suitable for warehouse logistics management, inspection management, fixed asset management, It is suitable for storage and logistics management, inspection management, fixed asset management, anti-counterfeit traceability management, animal tracking and other scenarios.

Warehouse logistics management

The introduction of RFID technology in the existing warehouse management, the warehouse arrival inspection, inbound, outbound, shift shift, inventory and other operational aspects of data collection automation, to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of warehouse management, to ensure that the enterprise timely and accurately grasp the real data of the inventory, reasonable to maintain and control the enterprise inventory.



Intelligent inspection management

The application of RFID technology can realize the electronic, informatization and intelligence of inspection work, so as to improve the efficiency and ensure the safe operation of electric power equipment. It is suitable for enterprises to customize and manage the equipment information, inspection tasks, inspection lines, inspection points and inspection items involved in electric power inspection, and realize the standardization of inspection in place control and defect management, so as to improve the management level of electric power equipment.

Fixed assets management

Using RFID electronic tags to identify fixed assets, using RFID read-write to collect data to complete the daily management and inventory of fixed assets, realizing the full tracking of the use cycle and use status of fixed assets as well as information management.

Product anti-counterfeit traceability

Through the application of RFID technology in various aspects of enterprise product production, etc., it realizes anti-counterfeiting, traceability, circulation and market control, enhances the overall management level of enterprises, thus enhancing consumer confidence, improving product visibility and establishing product brands.

Pet & Animal Tracking

Planting RFID electronic tags under the skin of animals can identify livestock and monitor important information such as animal health status, providing a reliable technical means for modern management of ranches. In large farms, it is possible to establish feeding files, vaccination files, etc. by using RFID technology to achieve efficient and automated management of livestock, while providing security for food safety. At the same time to the pet implanted rfid microchip, can be used for pet identification, vaccination registration, greatly improve the chances of lost and found, etc.


RFID can bring real benefits for all walks of life, is conducive to enhance the production of the main force, provide reliable data information information, data information with more accurate, more immediately, more Zhuo knowledge of the control, which will be a strong technical tool for all walks of life.

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