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How does RFID security door identify and alarm?

How does RFID security door identify and alarm?

September 9,2022

With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology is more and more widely used in various fields. Especially in the field of books, it can not only manage books with the help of RFID technology, but also manage anti-theft security. By configuring various hardware and software devices, it can realize functions such as autonomous borrowing, reservation borrowing and return, anti-theft security, etc., so as to provide readers with better borrowing experience. Below we focus on understanding the identification principle of RFID security door, see how RFID is to achieve anti-theft security. RFID security door identification principle RFID technology mainly transmits signals through radio. RFID tags record the information of items and stick them on the list of items to be identified. The reader is placed in a fixed position. As long as the tag enters the reading range of the reader, the reader can read the information carried in the tag, so the information reading and writing between RFID can be carried out without direct contact. RFID security door is configured with corresponding reader and antenna on the door. As long as the tag is within the induction range of the antenna of the security door, the tag information and state can be accurately read. Even if multiple tags overlap or are wrapped with non-metallic materials, they can also be identified and read, and react to them. It detects the borrowing and returning status of books by sensing the electronic label of books. If the book is checked out, there will be no alarm. If the book is not checked out, there will be an automatic alarm. Therefore, when borrowing books, readers must go to the self-service borrowing and returning machine or the librarian workbench to borrow books. Only after reading and writing devices are used to modify the borrowing and returning status in the electronic label, can they normally go out of the library. Image How does the RFID security gate work? The security door is an RFID anti-theft device installed at the entrance and exit to detect whether the electronic tag meets the conditions of taking out. In the antenna induction range to achieve three-dimensional space fast detection of electronic tags, when the detection of illegal tags, can trigger the sound and light alarm, applied to the library, archive room import and export anti-theft, anti-theft brand clothing stores and other fields. In addition to anti-theft, some security doors can also pass the infrared statistics of the flow of people in and out of the situation, the data of the flow of people can be directly displayed on the security door, can also be integrated into a screen through software, compared with the number of people displayed in the control center. In some special cases, the state of the safety door will be shown in the form of lights, such as the abnormal state of the equipment will be a yellow flashing light, the normal state is a green or blue atmosphere light, trigger the alarm to emit red flashing. Functional advantages of safety doors 1, RFID security door can detect one or more tags in real time, effectively solve the problem of book theft, reduce the rate of book theft. 2, Save costs, do not need too many security personnel, improve the borrowing atmosphere. 3, RFID anti-theft security door identification distance, fast speed, sound and light alarm, can avoid false alarm, equipment maintenance is convenient. RFID technology, as an important part of the Internet of Things system, can identify and identify each item and update the data in real time. As long as it involves the item information management basically can use RFID technology to manage. At present, RFID technology has been widely used in the field of books, in manufacturing, logistics, anti-counterfeiting and security fields, there are also different application solutions.

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