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RFID Microchip Unique Pet Identity ID

RFID Microchip Unique Pet Identity ID

Aug 18,2022

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increase of people's living pressure, pets have gradually become a trend, and pet dogs and pet cats are the most able to bring people a lot of spiritual comfort and happiness. However, due to the continuous growth of the pet market in recent years, more and more people keep pets, and some uncivilized pet-keeping behaviors have also brought a lot of trouble to our city management, such as making noise and biting people. Human incidents, as well as defecation anywhere, pollution of the living environment and other phenomena. Therefore, in order to create a beautiful and harmonious living environment, strengthen urban management and maintain urban public order, governments across the country have issued proposals to the general public, requiring citizens to consciously keep pets in accordance with the law and in a civilized manner, and jointly build a beautiful and civilized city.

At present, the practice of injecting RFID microchips into pets has become popular in developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States. And my country has gradually begun to implement the service of implanting RFID pet electronic chips into pet dogs, and carrying out pet microchip implantation and registration management services.

Yanzeo implantable pet microchip is suitable for pet dog, pet cat or other animal husbandry animal identification. It is produced with biochemical medical materials and processes, the size is about the size of a rice grain, and has the characteristics of passive, non-toxic, harmless, anti-free, anti-gravity and so on. The pet microchip records information such as the pet's name, gender, breed, and hair color, and is generally implanted in the harmless subcutaneous tissue of the pet's neck, which can be completed in just a few seconds. The record of the RFID pet electronic chip is a series of unique digital codes in the world. Only authorized personnel can read the code on the RFID pet electronic chip through professional equipment, and connect to the background system of the relevant department to obtain all the pet's information. Therefore, the RFID pet electronic chip has high security and will not reveal the owner's private information. At the same time, the service life of this pet electronic chip is as high as more than 20 years, far exceeding the life of ordinary pets. Once implanted, it can be accompanied for life.



Nowadays, more and more people begin to pay attention to implanting RFID pet electronic chips into pets, so what are the benefits of implanting RFID electronic chips?
First of all, in terms of pet vaccine immunization, RFID pet electronic chips can create an electronic file for pets, and when pet hospitals record pet immunization information, they can also upload the information to the animal management and epidemic prevention departments synchronously in the background system for the record. And before the pet needs to be immunized every year, the owner will also receive a reminder message to prevent forgetting and delaying the pet's vaccination.

Secondly, in terms of pet traceability management, pets have their own unique identity after implanting RFID pet electronic chips. When relevant agencies encounter pets that have been accidentally lost, professional equipment can be used to identify the pet's identity information and contact its owner as soon as possible. The pet management service comprehensive platform can also be used to realize the traceability management of pets through RFID pet electronic chips, which can effectively prevent the behavior of abandoning pets.

By implanting RFID microchip technology into pets, pets can be prevented from being abandoned and lost to a great extent, the intelligent management level of pets can be improved, and the owners and pets can be provided with practical convenience to jointly build a harmonious city.
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