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How does UHF RFID technology realize trash can management?

How does UHF RFID technology realize trash can management?

Jul 7,2022

With the rapid development of urban construction. Optimizing environmental management and services has always been an important project in people's daily life. By introducing new information technology to build a smart city, people's living environment can be improved. However, municipal waste management is an important issue in smart city construction. And development faces many challenges. With the implementation of UHF RFID technology, urban waste management can help smart cities develop faster.

Intelligent sanitation management combines computer technology, wireless network technology, GIS geographic information technology, and GPS status technology. RFID technology, as well as video surveillance technology, to realize the central information management system. Therefore, the entire process of sanitation work effects, sanitation work vehicles and facility supervision can be controlled. And sanitation work problems can also be effectively solved.

At present, there are some problems in municipal waste management

1. Unable to understand the number and distribution of trash cans, resulting in untimely garbage management and high labor intensity.
2. Garbage cannot be cleaned up in time on the day, causing environmental pollution.
3. Garbage collection does not go as planned, there are always omissions.


RFID Waste Management

Paste UHF RFID tags on trash cans by installing UHF RFID readers on garbage trucks. When the garbage truck starts loading and unloading garbage. The UHF RFID reader on the truck reads the UHF RFID tag on the trash can. The RFID reader obtains the runtime and tag information and uploads it to the server. This means that the trash can has been emptied within 24 hours and the system will display green. If the server does not receive the tag information after 24 hours, it means that the trash can has not been cleaned, and the system will display red.

For simplicity, there is the following process.
1. Put RFID labels on the trash cans. Ordinary RFID tags are attached to non-metal boxes, and metal RFID tags are attached to metal boxes. Only RFID tags are attached to each trash can

2. Install the UHF RFID reader on the sanitation vehicle. The RFID reader is installed on the sanitation vehicle, which can read the tags on each trash can or trash can and count the working conditions of each vehicle.

3. Install a GPS tracker on the sanitation vehicle. GPS trackers are used to track the location and route of each sanitation vehicle.

The RFID waste management system can make the management of sanitation vehicles clear and simple. And control the operation of the truck in real time. Greatly improve management efficiency, work efficiency, and reduce management costs. The timely disposal of garbage is not only an affirmation of work. At the same time, it also enhances the image of the city and realizes scientific information management.


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