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What Is UHF RFID Electronic Tag?

What Is UHF RFID Electronic Tag?

February 16,2022

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Advantages Of UHF RFID Tags

1 It can recognize high-speed moving objects, and can also read multiple objects at the same time

2 Strong penetrability, resistant to harsh environments.

3 Security and confidentiality are strong.

4 It can be used repeatedly, and the memory capacity of data is large.



UHF RFID Electronic Label Standard Protocol

At present, the common UHF RFID air interface protocols in China include international standards, national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards.

The most popular standards are 6C and 6D standards, namely ISO/IEC 18000-6C (63), ISO/IEC18000-6D (64), and the Chinese national standard GB/T 29768- 2013


UHF RFID Electronic Tag Frequency Band

The global coverage of UHF electronic tag frequency bands is not the same, for example:

China's frequency bands 840~844MHz and 920~924MHz

EU frequency band 865MHz~868MHz

The frequency band in Japan is between 952MHz and 954MHz.

Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore 920MHz~925MHz

The frequency band of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and South America is 902MHz~928MHz

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