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What Role Does Rfid Technology Play in Smart Home?

What Role Does Rfid Technology Play in Smart Home?

Feb 14,2022
 the specific application of RFID technology in smart homes
Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. The basic principle is to use the transmission characteristics of radio frequency signals and spatial coupling (inductive or electromagnetic coupling) or radar reflection to realize automatic identification of identified targets. It already exists in all aspects of our lives, let's talk about the specific application of RFID technology in smart homes.

Helps the home smart gateway become the control center of the home

1. Embedded processor and operating system;

2. With touch screen;

3. There are alarm point input and control output, when an alarm occurs, it can be alarmed through the network or telephone;

4. The wireless radio frequency module on the gateway communicates with each sub-node in the network to realize home appliance control.

Break the transmission barrier blocked by foreign objects

Ordinary household or commercial receivers usually use infrared (IF), and signal transmission and reception require a straight path, which is easily blocked by foreign objects. Using wireless radio frequency technology, the signal transmission and reception are not blocked by foreign objects, and within the coverage of the system, the coverage of the system in an open environment can reach 100 meters. In addition, the power consumption of the radio frequency is low, the coverage is wide, and the reception is accurate and reliable regardless of any orientation or angle.

Taking a 200-square-meter house as an example, the indoor length is more than 30 meters. Therefore, based on the coverage of 100 meters, no matter where the user goes, each switch can receive commands from the remote control. Each remote control, switch, or dimmer switch is equipped with a radio frequency transmitter or receiver, so the remote control can send commands directly to each switch to control the preset lighting situation without connecting any wires.

Optimized lighting control

A wireless RF light control system consists of a smart panel switch and a dimmer that sends and receives command signals, and the commands are transmitted over the radio rather than through the home's power lines. Each panel switch is provided with a different remote identification code. These codes utilize 19-bit identification technology that enables the receiver to accurately identify each instruction. Even if neighbors use it at the same time, there is absolutely no transmission error due to interference from the remote control.

The dimmer switch also has a built-in RF wireless radio frequency transmitter, which can control the switch of the floor lamp or table lamp or adjust the brightness of the light at will, independent of the remote control or mobile switch. The back of the dimmer switch is also equipped with a clip, which can be freely clipped on wires or other conspicuous places, not easy to lose, and flexible. It also reduces interference and makes sending or receiving instructions more accurate.

RFID is a short-range, low-complexity, low-power, low-data-rate, low-cost wireless communication technology. The advantage of this technology is that some products do not need to be re-wired, as long as the point-to-point radio frequency technology is used, the control of home appliances and lights can be realized, and the installation and setup are relatively convenient.

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