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YANZEO wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best!

YANZEO wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best!

January 26,2022
the application of RFID technology in the field of automobile manufacturing
Looking back on the whole year of last year, the YANZEO website has achieved very good results. We have received orders from all over the world, which means that more customers can enjoy our high-quality services. In order to thank you all for your continuous support, YANZEO hereby wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and all the best.

YANZEO always adheres to the strategic concept of intelligent technology, keeps up with the pace of industry development, follows international standards, and actively explores barcode RFID technology. We can customize exclusive communication solutions according to customer needs, realize customers' intelligent and diversified IoT identification needs, and then create value beyond value for customers.

YANZEO's professional research and exploration of intelligent technology for many years have brought together the technical essence of the barcode industry. Through the data interpretation of changes in the information environment of modern society, we effectively overcome the difficulties and special issues of barcode RFID technology, develop and design industry-leading barcode RFID products, and help customers calmly cope with the challenges brought by accurate identification and various challenges. Identification obstacles.

We always guarantee to provide customers with a good experience, so that more customers can enjoy the professional communication guarantee brought by scientific and technological wisdom!

YANZEO has invested heavily in scientific research projects in the field of automatic identification all year-round. Our RFID-related products have successively passed the US FCC certification, EU CE certification, and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

Our products are widely used in government agencies, public security, public utilities, logistics supermarkets, property security, etc.

We are also very much looking forward to creating a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with you in the new year!
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