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What Are the Outstanding Applications of Rfid Technology in the Smart Grid?

What Are the Outstanding Applications of Rfid Technology in the Smart Grid?

Dec 28,2021
the application of RFID technology in the smart grid
The introduction of RFID technology into the smart grid can not only effectively integrate the resources and infrastructure of each link of power production, transmission, distribution, and consumption, and improve the informatization, intelligence, and integration of the power system, but also to a large extent. The utilization rate of the power infrastructure is improved. YANZEO sorted out the application of RFID technology in the smart grid below for everyone.

Power asset management

Traditional electricity meter management generally uses barcodes. However, it was later confirmed that the barcode information cannot be changed and the capacity is small. The barcode labels are easy to fall off and damage, which easily affects the normal reading of the equipment. Therefore, the power company uses RFID instead of barcodes to realize the effectiveness of the electricity meters.

Attach RFID electronic tags to the electric meters, and then collect the data information of the electric meters through the corresponding RFID equipment, and manage the fast in and out of the electric meters through the RFID channel machine, which realizes the batch identification of the RFID tags of multiple boxes of electric energy metering equipment.

Electrical equipment management

Whether it is installing access doors at the entrance of a small warehouse or using other methods such as platform installation to manage warehouse tools, when workers use readers to read tool tags, there will inevitably be cross-reading and omissions that make it unclear which ones are taken away. The question of what kind of tool.

Using RFID technology, but the tools with RFID electronic tags into a specially customized smart tool cabinet equipped with RFID readers. Whenever the tool is taken out of the cabinet, the system will record this operation in real-time. It will immediately determine the details such as: who, the main responsible position, when what tools were taken out, and when to return them. The system can also set operating permissions, and can automatically issue a warning when a tool is not returned within a certain period of time.

Power file management

Generally, file management based on RFID technology consists of a system and terminal management equipment. Its terminal management includes RFID electronic tags, UHF channel access control, UHF handheld terminals, RFID readers, and card issuers manufactured by Yanzeo, etc., which are system acquisitions An important port for information, and output information. The whole system realizes the informatization management of the archives management process through the close cooperation of all links. Among them, the UHF handheld terminal plays a pivotal role in the deployment of the entire RFID system, which can quickly realize file storage, borrowing, returning, and querying.

Power inspection management

Power equipment inspection is basic work to effectively ensure the safety of power equipment, improve the reliability of power equipment, and ensure the minimum failure rate of power equipment.

Through the RFID handheld terminal, paperless data collection can be realized, and at the same time, the equipment and power equipment management department can effectively supervise the work of the inspectors, and realize the electronic, informatized, and intelligent inspection work, thereby maximizing the work efficiency to ensure the safe operation of power equipment with a low failure rate.

Compared with traditional power grids, smart grids can achieve intelligence based on complete mastery of the information of the power grid, based on the premise that RFID read-write devices collect data, and ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of data during data transmission and conversion. The smart grid realizes the management of the entire life cycle of equipment, reduces the workload of equipment storage, inspection, and other links, and improves the automation level of equipment management.

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