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"Intelligent Port" improve throughput of port construction

"Intelligent Port" improve throughput of port construction

December 2,2021
With the rapid development of international port construction, the throughput of port terminals continues to expand, and the carrying capacity of shipping terminals has put forward higher requirements. In order to enhance the level of automatic logistics operations, the establishment of automatic control platform and the use of RFID technology to achieve "Intelligent port".

The intelligent port gate project includes electronic license plate recognition, container number recognition, container experience defect, gate human-computer interaction system and other basic functions.

The RFID electronic license plate is installed on all vehicles entering and leaving the dock gate. The electronic license plate uses the card management system to write the basic information of the vehicle in advance, such as vehicle ID, license plate number, vehicle weight, etc. Each RFID tag is the unique ID number in the world. Install identification systems at all gates, roads and other sites where electronic license plate recognition is required. The recognition system operates around the clock. When the vehicle with an electronic license plate enters the recognition area, the recognition antenna can capture the detailed information in the electronic license plate and send it to the background in real time to assist the background management to do further processing.
Container number, as a unique container ID symbol, must be recorded in each stage of the container transportation workflow. The system uses the image recognition technology based on neural network algorithm and advanced CCD image collection technology to automatically capture all kinds of container numbers in and out of the port, and quickly realize automatic recognition, which prevents the error caused by manual transcription, reduces the time of entering the port and enhances the work efficiency.

Container damage detection is an inspection work that must be carried out when containers enter the port area wharf to prevent disputes caused by container damage between transport enterprises and wharves. In the past, it was recorded by the staff, and it was necessary to climb the high gallery bridge to check the top of the box body, which was very dangerous and would cause inaccurate processing problems. The system uses advanced logic control system and picture collection system to display the image of the box surface in front of the computer screen, and the inspector can realize damage detection only in front of the computer.

Drivers will be set after the truck to the dock gate, require electronic license plate recognition, container number identification, test the working process of residue, and other data automatic collecting and sending the hand booking sheet to the gate system, in the past the work by the gate staff input, and the application of human-computer interaction system, reservations can be automatically scan data into the gate system, And the driving guide feedback from the terminal system will be printed into a small ticket to the driver.
This series of information management measures, truck clearance rate from the previous 5min reduced to 30s, further improve the truck clearance rate and port throughput; Because the electronic license plate has anti-counterfeiting function, to ensure that one car one card, to prevent fake vehicles and set of vehicles to enter, so irrelevant and illegal vehicles can not enter the port area.

In the database, the data collected by the vehicle is also associated with the data of the container it is carrying. Automated data collection allows managers to have a more accurate view of each container, thus providing more accurate data for shipping companies and yards. In general, many shipping companies pass through the terminal to know the state of their containers and their arrival time, and the terminal uses fixed-point data collection to obtain this data. Take the traditional artificial way of collecting, data data prone to errors, and using the RFID container data automatic collecting and can enhance the speed and accuracy of data collection, timely meet users grasp of the relevant goods real-time data.

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