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What Are the Industry Applications of Handheld RFID Readers?

What Are the Industry Applications of Handheld RFID Readers?

Nov 10,2021
the main functions and application schemes of the handheld RFID reader
Hand-held RFID readers are also called RFID handheld terminals and RFID handhelds, which can be used for mobile operations and carried to workplaces such as warehouses and production workshops. The handheld RFID reader is a combination of RFID module and PDA, on the basis of traditional functions, it also has an RFID reading function.

Therefore, in addition to the radio frequency module, control unit, and antenna, the handheld RFID reader also includes functional modules such as display screen, keyboard, power supply, communication module, audio module, and barcode scanning.

The staff holds the RFID reader in a certain area to complete the collection of tag information, and the tag information can be displayed on the screen. The tag information is stored in the reader, and it can be uploaded to the background system via WIFI, and the data can also be transmitted to the computer via USB or serial communication interface to realize data communication with the computer. The following mainly introduces the main functions and application schemes of the handheld RFID reader.

The main functions of the RFID reader can be summarized as follows:

1. Read the information stored in the RFID electronic tag;

2. Write information into the RFID electronic tag;

3. Modify the information in the RFID electronic tag.

Handheld RFID reader industry application program

1. Warehousing and logistics

Hand-held RFID readers are used in warehouse management, such as warehousing, outgoing, putting on shelves, inventory, and querying. The handheld RFID reader group reads tags, accurately manages the goods in and out of the warehouse, accurately counts the quantity and storage location of the goods, and realizes the informatization of warehouse management. Compared with the bar code management mode, it can improve the work efficiency of each link.

2. Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing companies have a wide range of raw materials or key components supply, high-grade requirements, and complex product circulation channels. They develop RFID application management and information service systems for supply chain procurement, transportation, warehousing, and distribution processes.

Through integration with SCM/ERP/DRP/third-party logistics systems, the use of handheld RFID readers to collect data can realize industrial logistics status tracking and positioning, a single product or batch traceability, intelligent monitoring of warehouse inventory status, complete information, and improve corporate productivity ability.

3. Animal husbandry traceability

After the animals are born, RFID electronic tags are used as identification carriers, and the tags are given unique identification codes to track and monitor the livestock from breeding, slaughter to meet product processing and transportation.

With the help of handheld RFID readers, integrated barcode, network technology, and other applications, the comprehensive management of key information of livestock from farm breeding, slaughter, processing to transportation is realized, and the entire life cycle of individual livestock can be tracked to ensure food safety.

4. Apparel industry

(1) Production management

In production management, the RFID reader can quickly check whether the category and quantity of the goods in the box are consistent, and provide a basis for quality traceability.

(2) Warehouse management

The reading distance of the RFID reader is long, and the staff can easily collect the information of the goods and complete the inventory work when walking between the shelves with the RFID reader in hand.

(3) Store management

In-store management, staff hold RFID readers to take inventory of displayed goods and inventory goods and compare system data to complete replenishment. When receiving the goods, the clerk does not need to unpack the box and can use the RFID reader to read the goods in the box in batches to help the clerk check and shorten the time of receiving the goods.

The above only lists several common industry applications of RFID readers. In fact, no matter which industry they are in, RFID readers have excellent performance and unlimited potential. The handheld RFID reader terminal manufactured by YANZEO is equipped with a high-performance UHF reading and writing module, a built-in antenna design, the tag data collection distance can reach more than 3 meters, and the group tag reading rate is ≥200 sheets/5 seconds. If you are interested in our products, please send your needs to us, we will give you a satisfactory answer in time.

YANZEO is a professional manufacturer of RFID readers and bars scanners. We have leading R&D technology and excellent manufacturing technology. Our aim is to take the needs of customers first, continuously optimize and adjust the design plan, and provide users with effective solutions. If you are interested in our handheld RFID readers, please contact us immediately!
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