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How to use RFID to inventory weaned pigs?

How to use RFID to inventory weaned pigs?

Update Time:2023/12/4
RFID weaner pig inventory channel card reader - to achieve intelligent management.


In modern animal husbandry, RFID technology has become a permanent fixture in farms. RFID technology has been applied in scenarios such as automatic feeding, epidemic prevention detection, milking station identification, and cow entry and exit inventory. As a domestic self-developed animal husbandry RFID brand and an industry leader, Kezhimu is committed to exploring more application scenarios of RFID technology.

After the pig is born and grows to a certain period of time, the RFID ear tag is worn on the pig's ear or an RFID glass tube chip is implanted. Enter the pig's birth time, serial number, animal type, source and other relevant information on the RFID ear tag or RFID glass tube, determine the relationship between the RFID tag and the pig, and complete the pig's identity file.

In daily identification, inventory counting, feeding stations, stall management, intelligent weighing and other feeding and management links, KEZMO's RFID electronic ear tag identifier needs to be used. It is divided into fixed electronic ear tag identifiers and handheld electronic ear tag identifiers. The corresponding electronic ear tag identifier is used according to different situations.

During identification, if you need to identify the identity information of a single individual, you can use a handheld electronic ear tag identifier. Point the identifier in the direction of the RFID ear tag to quickly and accurately identify the pig's identity information.

If a large number of pigs are to be identified, a fixed electronic ear tag identifier needs to be installed on the side of the passage, and then the pigs can be driven into the passage to identify the identity information.

During the inventory count, the electronic ear tag identifier reads the coded information in the RFID ear tag, and counts the number of pigs based on the uniqueness of the RFID ear tag code.

This article will focus on the application of Kezhimu electronic ear tag readers on the weanling pig inventory channel, providing an intelligent management solution for the inventory of weaned pigs.


1. The necessity of intelligent management of weaned pigs

Weaned pigs are the future of a pig farm. The healthy growth of weaned pigs directly affects the development of the farm. Therefore, accurate and efficient inventory management of weaned pigs is a link that cannot be ignored. The traditional manual inventory method has problems such as being cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone, and can frighten weaned pigs. Therefore, the use of intelligent management solutions has become an inevitable choice to improve management efficiency and accuracy.

2. Application process of RFID card reader for weaned pigs

Wear RFID ear tags on weaned pigs and deploy electronic ear tag readers on one side of the channel. When the weaned pig walks into the channel and approaches the electronic ear tag reader, the reader will identify the RFID ear tag information. At the same time, the identified ear tag information is automatically uploaded to the management system for storage, and the system counts weaned pigs based on the ear tag information.


3. Advantages of RFID weaner pig inventory channel reader

(1) Efficient and fast inventory

The RFID weaning pig inventory channel reader can accurately and quickly conduct inventory by identifying the electronic ear tags on the pigs. Compared with the traditional manual inventory method, the card reader can identify and inventory all weaned pigs almost instantly, greatly improving work efficiency.

(2) Safe and accurate data management

Through the RFID weaner pig inventory channel card reader, the electronic ear tag information of each weaner pig can be accurately recorded and stored. This information can include specific data such as pig identity information and feeding conditions, providing real-time and effective monitoring and analysis basis for the health and growth status of weaned pigs, and improving the accuracy of management.

(3) Data analysis and tracing

The large amount of data collected by the RFID weaning pig inventory channel reader can be analyzed and counted by the system. Through the analysis of data, we can obtain relevant information such as growth trends and feeding effects of weaned pigs, and provide scientific basis for subsequent feeding and management. In addition, through RFID technology, the full traceability of weaned pigs can also be achieved, helping to ensure product quality and food safety.

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